Simone Lovell   Joan - Barmaid at the Blue Boar Inn

Image from episode "Dead or Alive"

Born: 19th February 1934, Barcelona, Spain.


Simone Lovell’s father was Canadian-born actor Raymond Lovell, and her mother Irish actress, poet and singer Margot Ruddock. Simone played the recurring role of Joan, the Blue Boar Inn barmaid in 16 episodes of ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’. Although Helen Forrest briefly took over the part for two episodes towards the end of season 1, Simone returned to the role the following season. She continued to make a few guest TV appearances until the late 1960s, in series such as ‘The Four Just Men’, ‘Z Cars’ and ‘Public Eye’.


Film Roles: -

Meet Mr. Malcolm (1954)

The Harassed Hero (1954)

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955-60) (TV Series) ... Joan - 16 episodes

TV Guest Appearances: -

Theatre Royal (aka Lilli Palmer Theatre) - ‘The Orderly’ (1955) ... Servant Girl

The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel - ‘The Ambassador's Lady’ (1956) ... Renee Fleury

The Count of Monte Cristo - ‘Marseilles’ (1956) ... Yvonne

The Count of Monte Cristo - ‘Burgundy’ (1956) ... Josette

Play of the Week - ‘All My Sons’ (1958) ... Lydia Lubey

Television Playhouse - ‘The Voyagers’ (1958) ... Linda Gray  


Ivanhoe - ‘The Weavers’ (1958) ... Mary

The Adventures of William Tell - ‘The Bandit’ (1959) ... Eva

The Four Just Men - ‘The Man in the Road’ (1960) ... Marcia Richmond

The Pursuers - ‘The Husband’ (1961) ... Betty

The Pursuers - ‘The Colonel’ (1961) ... Marianne

Cluff - ‘The Screeching Cat’ (1964) ... Alice

Z Cars - ‘The Share Out’ (1965) ... Beth Brogan

Public Eye - ‘It's Learning About the Lies That Hurts’ (1968) ... Mary

The Wednesday Play - ‘Infidelity Took Place’ (1968) ... The Barmaid